• Structure lengths of miles possible even with current launchers due to the compact nature of carrying only base machine + raw materials
  • Length limited only by raw material supply
  • Accurate, reliable, repeatable manufacturing process, closed loop control system with quality monitoring
  • Manufacturing speed of prototype system (based on spacecraft power supply capability) is 1mm/s equating to 1 mile of structure deployed/manufactured in 18 days
  • Constant cross-section booms
  • Cost effective, reduced launch costs, mass for large structures increasing capability of small-sats
  • Integration of sensors, panels, wiring, optical fibres within the structure increasing the structure utility
  • Design for application NOT launch (mass, volume, vibration)
  • Length/size of structure potential can drive new applications
  • Excellent mechanical properties (strength to weight)
  • Simplification of systems, no requirement for HDRMs, Pyros etc.

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